Care of the stone

All of my stones are natural.  There is no wax or polish on the surface.  The finish is achieved thru an extensive grinding and polishing using diamond abrasives.  Clean the stone using a mild soap and water (Dawn dishwashing liquid with warm water happens to work very well).

Care of the silver

I use sterling silver for everything except the ear wires themselves.  The ear wires and posts are a silver plate over steel to provide durability during wear (sterling wires and posts are very easy to bend).  All can be cleaned with a typical jewelry cloth.  Do not use polish creams, as they can damage the stones.  Add sterling wires or posts to your order if would prefer sterling over silver plate.

Don't drop me

(but if you do...)

Natural stone without a setting to surround it is similar to glass or porcelain.  Do not drop on a hard surface, as the stone might chip or crack.  If you do have a damaged stone, contact me to see if repairs are possible.


Most silver will tarnish over time.  The best way to prevent or delay that process is to protect them from air.  A small ziplock bag is perfect for this.